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Nutrition Facts

3oz People Lightly Salted

Crazy Chick 3oz lightly salted label 2-22.jpg
3 oz People Salted NutritionLabel (5).png

Ingredients: Chicken breast, salt.

3oz People Pet Friendly
No Salt Added

Crazy Chick PET FRIENDLY label 2-22 (1).jpg
3oz People Pet Friendly NutritionLabel (2).png

Ingredients: Chicken breast. 

3oz BBQ Flavor

Crazy Chick BBQ FLAVOR label 2-22 (1).jpg
3oz BBQ Nutrition Label (8)_edited_edite

Ingredients: Chicken breast, dark brown sugar, salt, chili powder, smoked paprika, onion powder, celery seeds, black pepper, ground mustard, cayenne pepper. 

3oz Orange Flavor

Crazy Chick ORANGE FLAVOR label 2-22.jpg
3oz Orange Flavor NutritionLabel (7).png

Ingredients: Chicken breast, cane sugar, salt orange oil.

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