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About Chicken Chips

At Crazy Chick, our products are made with love for the ones we love.
Our goal was to create a delicious healthy snack for people and pets that is both naturally simple and clean.
We nailed it!
Our chips are sliced 100% USDA chicken breast. (Not made from a formed mash mixture containing fillers or other undesirable ingredients) 
Only natural ingredients are in our products which we take a great pride in!
Crazy Chick Chicken Chips "salted" contains only 2 Ingredients: chicken breast, sea salt. The chips are lightly flavored with our gourmet Crazy Chick Sea Salt Spray.
Crazy Chick Chicken Chips "no salt added" contains only 1 Ingredient: chicken breast.
That's all just the truth, plain and simple!
Benefits include:
21 grams of protein per 1oz serving, low fat, low sodium, low carbs, low calorie, sugar free, gluten free, no preservatives, no artificial ingredients.
Great for Keto, Paleo and many other health-conscious activities.
Thin and crunchy with an incredibly delicious taste!
Crunches like every other chip, tastes and smells like rotisserie chicken.

Great for dipping.
Try them warm.
New Flavors Available!



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