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Our products are made with love for the ones we love. Your Dogs and Cats will love them!

At Crazy Chick, our products are made with love for the ones we love.

Our goal was to create a delicious healthy snack for people and pets that is both naturally simple and clean.

We nailed it!

Our chips are sliced 100% USDA chicken breast. (not made from a formed mash mixture containing fillers or other undesirable ingredients) 

Only natural ingredients are in our products which we take a great pride in!

Crazy Chick Chicken Chips for Pets contains only 1 Ingredient: chicken breast. 


The chicken we use is 100% hatched, raised, harvested and cooked in the USA.  Our chicken chips are made of only high quality, premium, hand trimmed, human grade chicken breast that's all natural, 99% fat free, contains no preservations or artificial ingredients and is USDA inspected for wholesomeness.


Our products are tested by a reputable lab to validate the high quality, safety and nutritional values we desire. 

Our mission is to provide high quality products for our family, friends and followers that are SAFE and ENJOYABLE. Know that we vacuum seal our products for freshness and each bag of product contains an oxygen absorbing packet to support that freshness as well. To maintain freshness after opening we recommend refrigeration.


As with any food, Please don't leave children and/or pets unattended while eating.


Pet Chicken Chips 3 oz

SKU: 0002
  • Analyte / Results

    Ash 7.98 %

    Carbohydrates by difference 5.79 %

    Crude fiber 0.1 %

    Fat 4.97 %

    Moisture oven drying

    Calories 325/100g

    Total Protein 74.87 %

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